“Speak Up & Stand Out”

2 New Speaking Programs for Middle Schoolers Ages 10-13yrs Starting In September. Hello, Parents! Do you feel that your kids could use some help with: Gaining self-confidence to share their ideas Overcoming shyness to participate in school classes Believing in themselves to present their projects Developing skills to communicate effectively to be understood Improving listening […]

Ladera Ranch Market

We learn by doing. That is the most effective way to retain and polish new skills. In my classes, practical implementation is the core principle. That is why, with my students, we attend business fairs, speech competitions, and community events. So we can practice our learned skills. In December, my young entrepreneurs participated in the […]

Rancho Santa Margarita Craft Fair

Welcome to the other side of success. Just like in life, sometimes our best is not enough to make things work. This was our experience with that feeling at the fair. In our craft pictures, we are smiling. But inside we were in a storm. There were tears, disappointments, and a loss of motivation behind […]

QD Speech Competition 2022

This Saturday, May 14th, 2022, is our next big event – Speech Competition. Not just a speech competition, but an in-person speech competition. It will be the first time competing before a live audience for many of my students, and for others, it will be the first time since the Covid-19 quarantine forced virtual competitions […]

Orange County Childrens’ Business Fair

Saturday OC Children’s Business Fair was a roller coaster of emotions. We had highs and lows; we danced and we cried.  Together, we learned a few important lessons: rejections are part of the process and can be bounced from  not everyone would like our ideas, and that is ok  smiles go a long way We […]


I recently came across an interesting article that pointed out the difference between being shy and introverted. They are not the same. In fact, they are quite different concepts. 


Almost everyone, at some point, will be called to speak in front of others or even do a presentation. This begins in school, but will follow you for most of your life.