We wrote this book to share our
"Entrepreneurial Experience"
and help other kids learn to earn.

When we started exploring the world of business, we were as young as five. The concept was very new to us but it was also interesting and exciting!

Our coach, Anna, inspired us to dive into the unknown. We explored business strategies, markets, weird terms that only adults would use, and more. After a little bit of learning, we finally went to our first business fair. We put everything we learned to the test in real life.

We made little bouquets out of candy, including napkin rings, champagne rings, and so much more! We were enthusiastic and excited, ready to earn lots of money!

In the end, we won the Grand Prize!

We were so happy that our first business fair was such a success! From that moment forward, we never stopped wanting to learn more! Even now, seven years later, we are learning new things every day! That is why we decided to make this book, to give everyone else a chance to have the opportunities that we did

We created this book to provide a fun and interactive way for kids to discover their entrepreneurial spirit and inspire them to learn the basic business skills to earn money with their ideas.

In this book, we take the reader step-by-step through the process of starting a first business, from generating ideas to marketing and selling products. Each chapter is filled with real-life examples, stories, engaging worksheets, and practical tips that can be applied.

So let’s get started on this exciting adventure together!

Young Entrepreneur's

  • A comprehensive, interactive, and easy-to-follow guide with detailed worksheets to focus learning and promote comprehension
  • Valuable tips for young entrepreneurs from kids who have used this process to create and develop their own entrepreneurial projects
  • Advice to help parents create a memorable bonding experience while becoming their child’s most trusted advisor

“The Young Entrepreneur’s Handbook”

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