Crafting The Future

Parenting can be a challenge. It’s even harder for our children because they lack the knowledge and experience to cope with a constant barrage of new challenges. Our new book explains how to become their most trusted advisor through empowerment and collaboration.

Craft fairs are an excellent opportunity for parents and their children to bond while also laying the foundations for a successful future. It is no secret that quality time between a parent and child is invaluable, but craft fairs can provide the perfect environment to make these memories even more special.

Craft fairs provide the ideal opportunity for parents to empower their children with greater control and responsibilites while providing a safe environment for them to learn. Parents can show their support by helping their kids choose crafts that interest them, as well as providing guidance on how to finance, create and market them. In addition, adults can share their own experiences so that kids have a better understanding of the “Life Skills” that lead to future success;

  • Planning and Critical Analysis
  • Time Management
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Direct Sales (inter-personal communication)

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  • A comprehensive, interactive, and easy-to-follow guide with detailed worksheets to focus learning and promote comprehension
  • Valuable tips for young entrepreneurs from kids who have used this process to create and develop their own entrepreneurial projects
  • Advice to help parents create a memorable bonding experience while becoming their child’s most trusted advisor


Crafting The Future