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We learn by doing. That is the most effective way to retain and polish new skills.

In my classes, practical implementation is the core principle. That is why, with my students, we attend business fairs, speech competitions, and community events. So we can practice our learned skills.

In December, my young entrepreneurs participated in the Ladera Ranch Farmers Market. It was a blast. We were welcomed by the organizers, and customers all supported young business owners.

We practiced many skills, but just to name a few:

  • small talk
  • sales pitches
  • responded to the questions on the spot (impromptu speaking)
  • overcame rejections and were ok with “NO”

We came as a team and sold as a team, learning to support each other and work together. To me, that is priceless as no amount of role-playing can come close to real-life scenarios. (Learning to be supportive in the sales environment is a challenge on its own, I am sure you know what I mean).

I am proud of my students and their parents. Parents were awesome; they all came together and supported young entrepreneurs with their love and participation. Thank you.

It was an even we all discovered a few skills we thought we didn’t have, and my young business owners made money, a pleasant bonus.

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