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Did you know that Christmas lights, the trampoline, “Superman,” and even earmuffs were invented by children? Yep, how cool is that?

Kids invent things all the time, even dating back to 1824. Louis Braille, blind since the age of 3 due to a severe injury, was just 12 years old when he created the Braille language. After more than a decade of struggling, he streamlined the silent communication method used by the French military and adapted it to work for him and others that struggle with vision impairment.

And in 2014, another 12 year old, Shubham Banerjee, created a more affordable Braille printer, so that, with our rapidly changing digital world, no child with vision impairment is left behind.

Kids know things, if we just let them express themselves and allow the time for them to explore and create, they just may come up with the next brilliant idea.

It is 2020, and kids are seeing their leaders fail them and choose to step up, choose to use their voices to raise awareness about problems that are very real, right now.

Greta Thunberg is a climate change activist and Amariyanna Copeny, “Little Miss Flint,” is a fundraiser and awareness raiser of Flint’s ongoing water crisis.

These young girls are just two of the most well known children out there right now trying to change the world.

At Project Be You, we use these examples to empower our children to do amazing things when they put their minds to it.

We help our kids to see that they are more than just children and they can bring a lot to the table. When given the opportunity to try, and maybe fail a time or two along the way, they have the ability to invent things, too.

Our inventors aren’t knocked down by their failures because we have created a safe space for them to create without conviction. There is no wrong way to start creating, as long as there is trying, as long as there is creating.

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