Hello Parents, do your kids need help with:

  • Gaining self-confidence to share their ideas

  • Overcoming shyness to participate in school classes

  • Believing in themselves to present their projects

  • Developing skills to communicate effectively to be understood

  • Improving listening and speaking with friends and family?

Give me a chance to show you how I can contribute to your kids' success.

Online Courses

Online Courses are designed for students to gain practical communication skills without stress and intimidation in the comfort of their home. Interactive Zoom classes consist of projects, discussions, and presentations.

"Speak Up & Stand Out"

10 Week Public Speaking Course

Prepared Lessons · Online Meetings
Peer Reviews & Personal Coaching

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What Our Students Learn ...

Public Speaking:

  • overcoming fear of public speaking build self-confidence through education, preparation and practice
  • speech structure and organization engage your audience, logical sequence and transitions, close with impact
  • vocal variety using vocabulary and sentence structure, volume, tone, inflection and pauses to add emphasis
  • non-verbal communication add movement, gestures and facial expression engage your audience and hold attention

 Soft Skills: ("people skills")

  • emotional intelligence and self-regulation understanding and controling emotions, empathy and consideration of others’ feelings and beliefs
  • creativity and critical thinking judgement and analysis, thinking “outside the box” to achieve results
  • working with others collaboration, listening and understanding, sharing diverse opinions and perspective
  • leadership team building, delegating and oversight, managing conflict, recognizing others’ contributions

In Person Projects
& Workshops

Our “In Person” classes are not your traditional academic environment. We take walks, participate creative learning projects, play in the park and participate in community events and competitions.

We Learn Together, We Laugh Together, Share Emotions Together and We Grow.

Through these activities and positive associations, students learn to express themselves, share their thoughts and feelings effectively and ultimately gain confidence to communicate and build relationships. 

"Empowering Our Children to Build A Better Life."


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