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Not everyone can, or wants, to become a surgeon or an engineer, but everyone needs certain basic life skills when becoming an adult.

Teachers like Robert Hand at Mount Vernon High School, just north of Seattle, are providing real life skills to students in order to better prepare them for the workforce and for being a real, independent adult. These are practical life skills that any student would need. Not everyone can, or wants, to become a surgeon or an engineer, but every student needs to know how to cook for themselves. They need to know how to file taxes and prepare resumes and cover letters to enter the workforce and live independently.

Robert teaches his students many skills to prepare them for life outside the classroom, whether their path includes college, vocational school, or diving straight into the workforce. He teaches budgeting, how to get a car loan, and sends them on mock interviews so they’re prepared for the real ones. Not only that, Robert teaches about his own real life experiences, such as his own decision to become a teacher. When he first graduated from high school, he didn’t know what he wanted to do. He didn’t have teachers like himself to provide such useful skills to him, so he set out to change the system.

Much like Robert Hand, Project Be You sets out to change the current education system. We strive to provide these real life skills to our students so they are prepared for adulting and the real world. By holding events such as the speech competition or the business fair, our students are given the opportunity to go out into the real world and put their skills to the test. They may be took young to learn about taxes or resumes right now, but learning proper social skills and how to cook and create on their own can, and should, happen at any age. Cooking and creating allow for a sense of independence early on in life and can continue to grow our students’ confidence, allowing them to become capable adults.

*A great article about Robert Hand:

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