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As parents, we often let our children control our lives. This ranges from what they eat to what they do for entertainment.

They won’t eat vegetables, so we serve them something they will actually eat, even if it’s not as nutritional. They scream at the top of their lungs through their boredom and, in order to quiet them so we can try to get some work done, we toss them our phones or iPads to watch or play whatever they want. However, by letting our children ‘rule the household,’ we are doing them a great disservice in the long run.

Our children end up going into the classroom unprepared and unable to perform even the simplest tasks. Due to technology and entertainment, processing information in the classroom becomes increasingly more challenging because of the constant stimulation they receive at home. Work in the classroom is simply just not entertaining enough for them to focus. And, not only that, their social interactions are so limited that when it comes time to speak with their peers or even answer questions asked by their teacher.

We as parents need to set limits in order to allow them to grow up happy and healthy. Limit their technological interactions and encourage play time with other children their age. We need to focus on them more, instead of being unavailable – physically and emotionally. Listen to what they have to say and explain why something is good or bad for them. Say ‘no’ when they ask for candy and toys at all hours, but explain that, with good behavior, they can earn certain rewards over time. Delay their gratification so their brain can process what is important in the moment and what can wait until a later time.

At Project Be You, we put the technology away and give our students the opportunity to open up to their peers and interact with them on a different level than in the regular classroom. They are asked to work together as a team, to build each other up in times of anxiety, and always find a a way to bounce ideas off one another. We encourage our students to work as partners and friends to achieve their goals. We provide activities that require brain work, but also stand close by for when they may need a bit more explanation.

Overall, at Project Be You, we allow our students to have freedom in the activities they participate in, but continue to instill that there is still a schedule for when things must be completed and, therefore, work their brains to understand that all things that are worth your time, are worth working at and waiting for.

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