4 Tips For Helping Your Tween or Teen Deal With Anxiety

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As a parent, it can be difficult to watch your teen struggle with anxiety. You may feel helpless and want to fix the problem, but it’s important to remember that anxiety is a normal part of life. There are some things you can do to help your teen cope with anxiety:

  • Encourage them to talk about their feelings and worries. This will help them to identify and understand their thoughts and emotions.
  • Teach them healthy coping skills such as deep breathing or mindfulness. These techniques can help to reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety.
  • Encourage them to stay active and get regular exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which have mood-boosting effects.

Finally, be supportive and understanding. Let your teen know that you are there for them and that you understand what they are going through.

4 Tips For Helping Your Tween or Teen Deal With Anxiety

author: Moms of Tweens and Teens
Have patience, with your teen and yourself

Anxiety is a real illness and cannot be wished or hidden away.

It will take time to learn coping techniques and to establish to your child that you are here to support and encourage them. There will be times you feel like you are failing and that there is no hope of improvement. You will worry every time your kid ventures into something new or a life change pops up that you know will be a trigger for them. Some days you will mess up, say the wrong thing, or feel like you simply can’t take another day carrying this weight.

Be patient with yourself on the days you feel you didn’t get it quite right. Know you are not the only one on this path and certainly not the only one who fears you are doing it wrong. It’s okay if sometimes you don’t understand your kid’s struggle or know how to help them. The most important thing is that you love them through it all. When you love them unconditionally you are providing them the most important tool to successfully battle anxiety: the knowledge that they are capable, they are valuable, they are not alone, and they are so very deeply loved.

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